About this blog

This blog is part of my ragtime related website ragsrag.com. It’s a way for me to keep track of the addition of new items over time. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to make comments here because of the large volume of comment spam. Please email me instead (mail adress available on my web site).

My ambition is to present virtually all classic ragtime piano tunes (whatever that means) either as converted piano rolls or as sequenced with the Sibelius music software and always with both a mp3 audio and a pdf music sheet.

As opposed to ragtime piano sheets ragtime orchestra arrangements are hard to come by. I have about 170 such stock arrangements whereof more than 120 have already been uploaded to www.ragsrag.com as per October 2014. I expect to have uploaded them all in the coming years.

Comments are now allowed again (on posts from October 14, 2013 or later). Had to remove 2800 spam comments so no history remains. Unfortunately I also had to add a required name and email field as well as a simple Catcha-formula.

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