Archive for March, 2012

High class additions to the Virtual Piano page

10 of my rag sequences on the Virtual piano page have been replaced by outstanding sequences, made by Raymond Robijns and more is to come The pieces included so far:

A Breeze From Alabama
Broadway Rag
Cataract Rag
Efficiency Rag
Fizz Water
Lion Tamer Rag
Paramount Rag
Sugar Cane
The Ragtime Dance
The Smiler

Revamp of Virtual Orchestra page

All mp3:s on this page have been replaced by new versions with improved sound and “live” feeling. This has been achieved by three means:

– The Sibelius Sound instrument library has been replaced by a library from Garritan Personal Orchestra.
– The reverb has been increased.
– The velocity, startpoint and duration of each and every note for all instruments has been randomized within a small span around set values, giving the rendition a more humanlike sound.